SL65 AMG Mercedes Engine Mount

There are many things could go wrong on a high performance automobile.

SL65 AMG MercedesClick on the image to view bigger photo.

Here is a perfect example of a Mercedes SL65 AMG broken engine mount, which is quiet common on this vehicle due to the powerful engine and the compact size of the engine mounts.

The driver side mount has been broken into two pieces, became two halves as the twin turbo V12 engine tore it into two under load .

These mounts are hydraulic fluid filled when new and will fail predictably after 5 years of driving.

Worth to note! They also collapse as they are being compressed by the large engine sitting on them for 24/7.

Driving or owning a high performance Mercedes and or any other high performance  car, has its cost associated with it.  This is one of them and needles to say it’s very important to have this fine pieces of engineering being inspected and maintained by qualified senior technicians regularly.

Knowing what to look for on this special build cars is half of the battle as decades of experience working on this cars reveals the known issues with them.

This is ever more important to find a real specialist where the decades of expertise will pay off instantly.

SL65-AMG Mercedes engine mountAnother view of broken SL65 AMG Mercedes engine mount  at left .Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo.

This is a perfect example of issues caught in time before the monster engine would tore into pricey components and in turn perhaps destroy the hood and everything in it’s way in the engine bay if driven spiritedly.

We also replaced the active body control hydraulic lines as well at the same time and naturally performed a 4 wheel alignment when all has been put back together.

Let’s not forget, the 2 front ABC struts has been renewed, the ABC filter and fluid has been refreshed, so it will be ready for the oncoming driving season.

SL65 AMG Mercedes Broken and Not Yet Broken Engine MountsSL65AMGMercedes broken engine mount

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Engine Work on Porsche Carrera

The Achilles heel of the 911-996 engine in this case a Carrera work in progress.

How do you know if your Porsche needs an IMS bearing replacement?

When you hear weird noises on a 996 engine it may be the dreaded IMS bearing, which supports the intermediate shaft on the flywheel end of the motor, (IMS stands for intermediate shaft ). The noise is perhaps letting you know, the bearing should be replaced.

This is the right way to do it, placed on the engine table, all easily accessible kept tidy and clean to achieve the best results.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo.

Naturally  installed bearing is the new LN engineering, improved dual row ceramic bearing, which should be a lot more reliable than the original bearing from the manufacturer.

This could be a life saving procedure for this engine as the bearing is in a difficult place and hard to get access to. Following the proper procedure is essential to have the bearing last for years to come.

Porsche 911Carrera
911 Porsche Carrera


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Mercedes ML-GL-R Corroded Sensor

If you own a late model Mercedes ML-GL-R class, side detection warning malfunction might happen as a result of prematurely corroded sensors.

Random warnings going off and having a “ghost”in your Mercedes. You may have this sensors severely corroded, and the corroded sensor can cause all sorts of electrical issues.

For example random no start issue, this could be your car actual problem. The corroded sensors clearly visible on the photos at next.  The sensors are literally rotten away. Hard to believe these sensors are only 2 years old.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photos.

I don’t think we need to say more, salt and salt brine will cause havoc with this radar sensors.  It’s clearly a design flaw.

Perhaps plenty of car washes will help in the winter to reduce the radar sensors to be corroded prematurely.

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Pine Cone BMW 3 Series

pine cone BMW

A BMW 3 series became the home of the squirrels’ food stash, for one it is a fire hazard 2 it may destroy the belt and perhaps could cause permanent engine damage if not caught early enough .

Sometime it is worth to not to take our cars for granted and open the hood and take a quick peak under just to see if all is well.

The owner of this vehicle had no idea that he’s beloved BMW became a food stash for the local squirrels. We had to lower the lower engine cover to remove about half a bucket of pine cones. Lucky the little guy wasn’t there anymore.

more pine cones

As you can see, there was more pine cones also under the intake manifold. After there were no more room at the front of the engine, this little squirrel kept on going and stored more pine cones under the manifold.  Piling them away wherever there was any void, in this case under the intake manifold.

Once again, its worth to open the hood every now and then and take a look at under it, just to see if all is well.

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Engine Life of BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche

What can I do to ensure the longevity of my vehicle’s engine in my BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche?

Maintenance is a key factor in ensuring longevity of a vehicle and its engine. Let’s start with oil changes and what could possibly go wrong with going to a quick lube place.

By simply looking at the quality of oil filters used at some places, we can see a lot can go wrong. Oil filters have serious effects on the health and performance of most modern-day engines.

Most newer engines, take BMW for instance, use a variable oil pressure feed system. This essentially means the volume of oil pump output has been reduced to increase in efficiency which is dependent on the specific engine speed at all times.

Having the wrong oil filter will change the engineered output of the oil pump therefore shortening the lifespan of the engine because its mechanical components are exposed to friction and will degrade overtime.

Oil Filter ComparisonAfter market Mercedes oil filter next to an original Mercedes oil filter.

Furthermore, we have found the oil filter cap has been reinstalled incorrectly and this can have a detrimental effect on the internal engine components. In particular, we have noticed the cage retaining the filter has been disposed off likely because it is quite difficult to remove the filter from this cage and will easily detach if it is pulled hard enough. This will cause numerous lubrication issues and essentially destroys the internal mechanical components of the engine.

Needless to say the type and quality of the motor oil is just as important as the oil filter. The oil is an important component of modern engines and many manufacturers will involve specific oil from leading oil companies that they have tested and chosen to optimize the life, performance, and efficiency of the engine.

It is worth noting that most manufacturers have specific numbers and grades issued by their engineers for the motor oils that should be used in their vehicles. These numbers and grades were chosen by the engineers to optimize the intended efficiency targets.

Each manufacturer will have their own grades and numbers, BMW for example, these numbers and grades can look like LL01, LL04, LL14FE, in Mercedes-Benz they look like this 229.31, 229.5, 229.51 and 229.52, and in Porsche they can appear like A040. According to ACEA, each standard has its own designation and composition certified by their manufacturers.

Modern-day engines are fragile but a marvel of engineering, requiring specific lubricants and filters best suited to the ideal performance of each individual vehicle.

With proper care and maintenance vehicles and their engines can last for considerable distances.

We hope this helps in the long run.

Continuing to look at examples of improper oil changes and use of oil filters, we can see in the photo below the difference between a generic BMW oil filter (left) and an original German Mann & Hummel filter (right).


Collapsed BMW oil filter

The generic filter has collapsed, and the paper media has separated from the casing showing the subpar quality of this filter in comparison the original filters we use. The paper media in the generic filter is so thin that the light shines right through it.

This particular engine, 2014 N55 twin turbo, needed a replacement engine which only further substantiates the importance of using the correct oil filter.

Take a look at to the next oil filters. Click on the thumbnail to see bigger photo.

Clogged filter in the middle 1st picture.

On the 2nd picture, the filter with cage detached and cap with missing cage beside it to the left.

The 3rd is cheap aftermarket filter collection and a proper BMW oil filter cap intact beside to the left.

On the 4th photo is a BMW oil filter cap without its cage detached to the left and proper to the right.

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New BMW i8 roadster and the BMW M4CS reveal

We are pleased and humbled by the invitation of the all new BMW M4CS and i8 roadster pre-auto show reveal with a private dinner reception hosted by BMW Canada. Wow what an experience! The reception was held at QRC West 134 Peter street in Toronto, just a short distance from the Canadian Auto Show at Front Street .

BMW diinerNaturally the food, the cars, the architecture all has been top notch and last but not least, the service has bean absolutely flawless.

Thank you BMW Canada for the eventful memorable evening, we appreciate the effort put in this event in one word, amazing.

We had the chance to pick our seat and long behold we choose the seat by MR. Hans Blesse the CEO and president of BMW Canada whom joined us after we occupied our seat at the table,  he has been our host for the evening.

As luck has it, we had a wonderful conversation with numerous BMW Canada employees during the evening including Mr. Blesse, whom we shared countless car stories, especially BMW automobiles were the main subject.

We truly enjoyed the conversations, as we found out MR. Blesse is also a car enthusiast as he knows cars inside out and has been a real pleasure to spent an evening talking about the wonders of German BMW engineering.

The evening has been a real surprise, as any car nut would tel you like myself, I was like a kid in the candy store so to say.  We had the pleasure to see the new hot cars, the BMW i8 roadster is a beauty and the BMW M4CS is a beast on it’s own, ultra light weight performance machines and last but not least, the new M5 was also present with a unique select able four wheel or 2 wheel drive as a proper autobahn burner that is.

CEO of BMW CanadaMr Hans Blesse  CEO of BMW Canada with myself.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Blesse and all the other BMW Canada employees, whom worked tirelessly to make this very special event possible with a flawless execution. There is no way to describe an event like this with words, you really had to be there to appreciate the atmosphere the cars the food and the people whom made this event one of it’s kind anywhere.

We were absolutely delighted in many ways, thank you again and all the best we hope to see all next year again.

I was free to use my camera, and I made several photos.

BMW i8 roadsterAt left on the photo is the new BMW i8 roadster, next to the new coupe.  The roadster’s color combination is a limited edition, the year one first 200 will be this copper colored.

Canada will receive only 25 of them in total, so it will be a collectible as years pass by.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo and there are more photos on our   on-line photo album.

Thanks  for reading it.

Attila Jasszai, president  of Techmax Auto Repair In.

Should you buy all wheel drive or two wheel drive car?

When you buy your car, should you buy all wheel drive, or two wheel drive could suffice?

This question comes especially important when we get some snow on the ground and people think because they bought a fancy high tech all wheel drive car or SUV all they need is the magic of all wheel drive to take them to their destination safely.

Sorry folks that’s not it, tires in particularly proper winter tires are the secret to a safe secure winter or foul weather driving . You can have the best all wheel drive system if your tires are not up to par with the winter weather.

One more thing; Please note, your brakes are getting to be destroyed if your tires are not capable of handling of the white stuff.

Your four wheel drive system uses the brakes to control wheel spin and slipping sliding, 2 ton moving mass which if the tires are lacking of proper traction will render them overwhelmed by the electronics trying to do their job properly and efficiently.

My advice is, as you buy proper foot ware you should do the same for your high tech automobile.

We wish you safe and secure winter driving,  Techmax’s team.


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Clogged Diesel BMW intake with carbon build up

If you thought to drive your modern BMW diesel in the city for short distances this is what you going to end up to deal with. For example on the next photos you can see the clogged intake of a BMW’s M57 diesel engine, which is straight 6. This engine produced from 1998, in the upper Austrian engine plant in Steyr. The engine was only available in north America or Canada since 2009 and it is a sequential turbo diesel .

To view bigger photo click on the thumbnails. Click on your browser back button to return to this page.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand word, there are a few things you should do to reduce the likelihood of this disaster;

#1, try to avoid driving short distances, there is a reason why the big rigs use diesel engines reliably.

#2, switch to Shell super diesel which burns cleaner due to higher cetane (diesel octane is called cetane) number and additional detergent in the fuel. Yes it does cost more and there is a reason for that.

#3, switch to a slightly heavier motor oil, from a 5/30 BMW to 5/40 BMW LL04 recommended by us to reduce the blow by in the intake system.

#4, you need to take it out and have it driven spiritedly for a considerable distance at least a hundred kilometers one way in a long stretch or more. While the problem is 3 fold as above short distance driving + poor fuel quality + light weight oil all will play a role in a clogged intake tract like above.

The same intakes, after Sonic Cleaning.

To view bigger photo click on the thumbnails. Click on your browser back button to return to this page.

This will happen to any modern diesel regardless of the make an model. Worth to note, the same scenario goes for the Mercedes MLGL and R class diesels.

This engines use a lot of exhaust gas re-circulation which contains sooth, routed pre DPF filter so the sooth will mix with oil vapour and will stick to everything in it’s path.

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Albeit on a completely clogged intake there is no way to remove the thick carbon deposits except walnut shell blasting the intake ports and sonic clean the manifold.  We suggest to use the LM brand diesel system treatment as part of the regular maintenance on modern BMW or Mercedes diesel engines for optimal performance on the long run.

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4 Cylinder Late Model BMW Engine Makes a Whining Noise

Why does my 4 cylinder late model (2011 to 2016) BMW makes a whining noise?

Please note there is a technical service bulletin issued by BMW for this particular issue, which states: There is an issue with the oil pump chain which must be replaced to prevent fatal engine failure.

To get access to the oil pump chain drive the timing chain and related components has to be removed and must be renewed at the same time. There is an actual laundry list of parts which must be replaced at the same time, many of the specific bolts are stretch lock type meaning they are meant for single use only.

This is a major repair which requires considerable mechanical knowledge with numerous special tools to be done completed precisely as per BMW repair instructions.

We highly recommend to have it done by a professional only, with considerable BMW experience, who knows how and naturally having the essential special tools is a must.

We can assure you and in turn can show you all the relevant tools and documentation upon request as we do this particular and essential repair daily.

If you have any further questions please see us in person. We wish you all the best from Techmax


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