2013 BMW X3 Timing Chain Issue

Here is a perfect example of how to fix a serious problem with a little cleverness.

A 2013 BMW – X3  came in the shop today, with the usual timing chain issue. The engine stopped due to the timing chain literally jumping over as the guides shared off from the chain rattling around loose already.

Unfortunately the center guide rail got jammed between the loose chain and a broken guide piece breaking the upper support of the chain guide which is part of the camshaft journal and not sold separately.  In fact it is part of the cylinder head so replacing it would require a another cylinder head to resolve.

We decided it would be just as good of a solution to weld the broken piece by a professional welder and I made an additional stainless piece to give it extra strength so this would never break ever again.

We could have said to this client sorry not much we can do in here, other than replace the cylinder head.

BMW Engine Repair

However we found  a solution, this is what we are good at trying to find an affordable and reliable solution to the problem at hand.

The red arrow on the top, bigger photo is pointing to the broken camshaft journal end. On the other pictures it has been weld and reinforced.


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