Tires Comparison

Compare several brand name tires, by size, with photos next to each other. The next tires are the same width by the numbers, you can make your informed decision. We already made ours.

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Continental to Yokohama

Continental tire vs Yokohama
Continental Sport-Yokohama Advan Sport

Continental Sport-Yokohama Advan Sport

Good Year to Yokohama Advan

Good Year tire to Yokohama Advan

Hankook vs Continental

Hankook tire vs Continental

Hankook tire

Continental tire vs Hankook tire

Michelin to Yokohama

Michelin tire next   same size Yokohama tire

summito to michelin

Summito tire compare to same size Michelin tire


Summito tire vs Michelin Pilot Sport


Yokohama next  same size Good Year tire


Yokohama versus Continental


Yokohama Advan next to a same size Continental tire



Stamford Sport Wheels
Click on the next image for bigger view!

Stamford Sport Wheel   Stamford Sport Wheel   Stamford Sport Wheel

NOTE!: There are many more different design in a lot of color Stamford Sport Wheels and   Stamford Wheels available in a lot of size. The selection vary from time to time. Contact us for more details.

SSW Monoblock Motorsport Lightweight Flat Black Wheel

SSW Monoblock Motorsport Winter tire package on 135-i 2008 BMW. It's an SSW monoblock motorsport light weight flat black wheel. The tire at left is 18" and available in 17" as well. Fits 335,135 and most other 1 or 3 series.

The SSW Monoblock will fit the 135 and the 335-i with the massive brake calipers and they are lightweight and very good looking as well.

The tire is Semperit Speed Grip (Alpine tested) performance winter, V rated. Semperit is owned by Continental Tire AG.  Semperit is  an Austrian tire company. Click on the image for larger view.


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Yokohama tires

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