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BMW 330-i928 viewsIt used to be a oil filter.... POOR ENGINE. Not from the Ferrari behind...By the way our oil change is NOT only an oil change it's a small service :check all the fluid levels (except automatic transmissions without dipstick) top-up as needed,check all the tire pressures and inspect the vehicle visually, safety items like wiper blades lights and so on. This is the bare minimum you should do as periodic maintenance or car care.44444
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Porsche 944-s741 viewsJust has been repaired but not much parking space but will make room for this beauty.44444
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Audi R8 V10 engine bay427 viewsAudi V 10 power in the new R8 with plenty of carbon fiber bits and pieces44444
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2006 BMW 550-I daytime running light reprogramming605 viewsA freshly imported 550-I. We just did the daytime running light reprogramming for a new client.44444
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X5 spare tire lift out procedure phase one925 viewsIf you ever wondered how to lift out your X5 spare tire without breaking your back ?Here is the answer, the famous German engineering solution for the ease of removing the spare is (step one,) the lift out cradle fits right into the tail gate handle as you can see it (partially) to the lower handle and as you fold down the lower section it will lift out the spare and you can drag it out relatively easy.Please note you will have to hold the tailgate down with one hand otherwise the weight of the tire will cl44444
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X5 spare tire just before installation, tire well view with handle nicely tucked away678 viewsJust in case if you have ever wondered what's in that hump above your spare tire ,that contains the air pump for your level control for the rear suspension, staying with the subject of rear level control please note you CAN'T make a proper wheel alignment on the X5 (with level control ) without recalibrating the ride height periodically due to limited (camber) adjustment at the rear suspension, it's very important especially with wider rear tires (lower ride height will destroy the inner side of the rear tires due to excessive rear camber )44444
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Nice touch for ease of entry757 viewsLooks like the door mechanism is sort of Lamborghini and a little bit of Koenigsegg scissor door44444
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Bad Porsche Engine Management 657 viewsThe problem is caused by the oxygen censer. Prover serviced would avoid to develop this costly problem.44444
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Bosch Wiper Blades759 viewsAuto Motor Sport Award - Best brand in 200644444
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718 views44444
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Boxster and 996-C-4 in repair668 viewsBlue Porsche day?!44444
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Z-31090 viewsZ-3 with sport suspension44444
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