Preventative Maintenance and Your Car

We often get the question how can I make my car last longer?

Does not matter what type of car you drive, it can be a domestic or an import, either way the answer is maintenance above all. Proper timely maintenance, tune up and engine service, is absolutely essential for any car, regardless of make or model. It’s in the name of the procedure called preventative maintenance as simple is that.

A little common sense goes a long way,  we have some really long distance driven cars  to prove it.

We recommend oil changes at ten thousand kilometres, use high quality long-life synthetic motor oil.  Than  coolant flush and fill at least every five years, brake fluid service at every second year, transmission and differential, transfer case fluids at every hundred thousand kilometres, the rest should be a breeze.

Most manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche has their own spark plug and filter replacement schedule. They are the minimum standards to follow at least.


Superior Oil Filtration For Increased Engine Protection

Oil Filters for European Import Cars

Computer Aided Engine Analysis

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Artificial intelligence built into cars

The new technologies are just cropping up suddenly almost every day. Where are we heading to with all this new technology and advanced cars? Appears to be the autonomous driving is just around the corner and we will be able to just play on our cell phones and or watch entertainment on the go.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is so cool and we will be taken over by machines so the media want you to believe, I say not so fast just yet . There seams to be a misunderstanding between reality and facts.  Yes we have some intelligence built into modern cars like lane detection and active cruise control, side detection as well.

Yes, there are some cars capable to take some control from human drivers, but make no mistake the object of proper recognition of dangerous situations and correct prevention in timely action is not here yet.

Driving is a very complicated task, the human brain is not just capable to assess or recognize dangerous driving related changes or obstacles, but it can reason or avoid dangerous situations in milliseconds. As of today no any current automobile’s artificial intelligence able to this, regardless of the multiple radars and lasers mounted on it.

We will have human drivers for decades to come. There has to be much more research and development to be done before this technologies can be handed full control of your vehicle with their occupants safely.

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Winter Driving

We are going to deal with a seasonal weather change soon, which will require some serious adjustment in driving dynamics and economics.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about winter driving and cold frozen roads occasionally snow or ice covered by sudden weather conditions. We highly recommend to properly prepare your BMW, Mercedes and Porsche for this season, which should include of checking the tires and replacing them with appropriate winter tires.

Furthermore you should get your import automobile’s cooling system check out for any leaks or defective worn hoses. It’s extremely inconvenient to break down in the middle of a snow storm or in any winter conditions. It is always inconvenient to break down needless to say in winter, perhaps it is possibly the worst for obvious reasons.

We also recommend to check your car’s service records for the age of your vehicles coolant, suffice to say it should be replaced in or after five years. Chemical degradation is inevitable in a closed high temperature mobile system with multiple dissimilar metals and components.

We recommend a cooling system service which is rather inexpensive in every five years to keep your heating and cooling system in top shape.

The vehicles braking system should be also inspected closely (it’s a perfect time when you switch to winter tires) most folks don’t realize your traction or stability control works by applying your brakes at an accelerated rate to help you keep your vehicle under control. We naturally recommend a complete per-seasonal inspection and last but not least checking and – or replacing your car’s wiper blades, if needed for a clean clear view.

We wish you safe and comfortable motoring in the coming winter season.

All the best from Techmax Auto.


All weather, all-season or winter tire?

BMW 328-I Cooling System Failure.

Winter Tires for European Import Cars

The wet and cold weather just arrived. It is almost winter tire time. Staying safe on the road starts with the highest quality tires, special at winter time in Canada. We at Techmax know tires. We can assist you to get the right tires – Winter Tires for your European Import car  or SUV.

winter tireContinental Winter Tires at left

We provide our customers with list 3 competitive brand name tires quotas (Michelin, Yokohama, Continental).

For the budget minded we offer basic  winter tire package too.

We not just sell tires, we install them in our shop. Also, for small charge we offer safe and convenient tire storage  for our customers’ off season tires, in our heated storage facility.

If we storage your tires, than you have first in the line status for seasonal tire changes.

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Do you really need winter tires?


BMW – Mercedes – Mini Cooper Repair in Mississauga

Few words about Techmax Auto Repair Incorporated Service

Techmax Import Auto Service is a family owned and operated, full European Import car (BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Mini Morris) auto motor repair facility. We pride ourselves on provide every costumers with honest advice and quality repairs for their European Import Car. Our shop is furnished with the latest, state of the art European Impost Car diagnostic and   repair equipment, however we will never do any repairs without the customer authorization.

In the order to ensure safety and performance on our customer`s automobile, we always explain what repairs are required and why, before we do any any work on any vehicle.

Some of our offers are:

European Import Cars Maintenance: Our goal at Techmax is to ensure, your high end automobile continues running safely and efficiently. If repairs is necessary we use original or high end after market quality parts.

Are you busy? No problem, drop off your vehicle in our parking lot and deposit the keys in our safe and convenient Key Drop Box at next to our entry door. We will take care of the rest.

Wish you wait for your car? We offer to our customer high speed wireless internet, big screen TV, fresh cup of coffee, cold water, in our comfortable customer lounge.

We believe a well maintained vehicle runs better, lost longer, has a higher resale value and save money for the car owners in the long run.

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A day at work

Mercedes SLS AMG 63 Renntech next to a BMW i8 in the shop, both with doors up. What these two cars have in common? Not much, other than than the swing up doors.

To view bigger photo, click on the thumbnail.

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a plug in hybrid from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.  It brings together the advantages of innovate electric motor and combustion engine technologies.

SLS AMG 63 Renntech

If we look the doors, looks like the Mercedes SLS’s immediate predecessor is the Mercedes-McLaren SLR. However, there is so much more to the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG than those doors. The SLS has been developed entirely in house.


First plug in hybrid sports car the BMW i8

Take a look at to the BMW i8

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What is Serpentine Belt?

These days, belt manufacturers have all but abandoned Neoprene for serpentine belt applications, instead opting for EPDM rubber.

In the next video from Inside the Brands we take a look at the effects this change in material has had on belt wear and service.

The video made and copyrighted by CRP Automotive.

Crankshaft bearing issues with the BMW M3 – S65 engines

The dreaded crankshaft bearing issues with the BMW M3 – S65 engines. Let’s get the facts straight, the actual failure rate is extremely low considering the volume of cars built over the five years, approximately twenty six thousand  (2008 to 2013 ) for the general public.

This particular engine has been built as a high revving normally aspirated high output performance engine pre-dominantly designed to compete with Porsche in the various road races over the years.

The first examples were squeezed into the E46 chassis. E46 chassis where they became legendary in Europe and North America. Worth to note, the same engine has been the sole M BMW Motorsport of choice in all the factory supported M race cars the M3 and the MZ 4 from 2005 until  2015 which speaks volumes about this particular engines durably. Its safe to say the engine is well built to perform. It preforms very well under racing conditions, and performs just as well under daily driving over the life of the engine perhaps.

However, there are a few things to remember, if you own one of this cars for instance the bearing load on the connecting rod will increase 25 fold from six thousand rpm to eight thousand five hundred rpm.

Liqui MolyLiqui Moly Lubricants

Because of the high revving nature of the engine we recommend to switch from the factory recommend TSW Castrol motor oil to the more robust build Liqui Moly 10-60 motor oil. Furthermore we also recommend to shortening  the oil change intervals to maximum ten thousand kilometres at most.

Also we ad (despite that BMW not endorsing any additives at least not on paper) a Liqui Moly MOS/2 (molybdenum disulfide, graphite) additive which gets embedded in the bearings at each or at least every second oil change.

If you have oversized calipers and use your S65 equipped M3 for competition purposes you should convert your lubrication to a dry sump system, regardless of cost. The factory set up not designed with extreme G forces in mind period.

We have serviced many of this cars with this maintenance method, and never had a bearing failure even at spiritedly driven M3 cars at near two hundred thousand kilometres. Draw your own conclusions.

liqui moly adictive We wish you all the best and happy motoring from Techmax.



Liqui Moly Synthetic Motor Oils, Lubricants & Additives

More information on Liqui Moly lubricants.

High tech world of modern cars, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche

BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, Porsche and most modern high tech automobile contains or describe their efficient powerful engines with some words as twin turbo, twin scroll turbo, valvetronic, vanos adjuster and many more.

What do they mean?

For us, auto mechanics, for auto motive technicians and for the mechanically inclined may be not so complicated, but for the general public they are rather confusing names and descriptions.

Please let me try to help you explain the core description of all of this technical information.

Twin turbo means two turbo chargers, twin scroll is a single turbo with a special way of routing of the exhaust manifold which is more beneficial for a quick way to make the turbo more efficient without using multiple turbo chargers.

Many of this technologies are meant to do one thing and really one thing to make the modern lightweight piston engines more efficient and powerful at the same time.

Efficiency is the new buzz word for most manufacturers. They spend millions on research and development trying to minimize fuel consumption by reducing the internal friction by making the internal reciprocating or moving components to the bare minimum and reducing the pumping losses by installing turbo chargers.

There are no small details escape their attention, every single component has been lightened or redesigned to the absolute lightest possible, including using the lightest motor oil to minimize friction.

Unfortunately their efficiency comes at a cost of reduced life span compared  to the engines ten years ago.

What is Vanos and Valvetronic?

The Valvetronic system is a BMW variable valve lift system, in combination with variable valve timing. BMW’s Valvetronic system allows infinite adjustment of the intake valve timing and duration.

BMW’s Variable Valve Timing system is called VANOS (Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung). It controls the intake and exhaust cam timing (double Vanos) independently to achieve the best power while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

We hope this sheds some light on this common use of technical descriptions by their respective manufacturers which perhaps somewhat confusing to the public.

We wish safe and happy motoring, if you have any questions please call us at any time in our regular business hours. Telephone: (1) 905.795.0419

Enjoy the ride.