4 Cylinder Late Model BMW Engine Makes a Whining Noise

Why does my 4 cylinder late model (2011 to 2016) BMW makes a whining noise?

Please note there is a technical service bulletin issued by BMW for this particular issue, which states: There is an issue with the oil pump chain which must be replaced to prevent fatal engine failure.

To get access to the oil pump chain drive the timing chain and related components has to be removed and must be renewed at the same time. There is an actual laundry list of parts which must be replaced at the same time, many of the specific bolts are stretch lock type meaning they are meant for single use only.

This is a major repair which requires considerable mechanical knowledge with numerous special tools to be done completed precisely as per BMW repair instructions.

We highly recommend to have it done by a professional only, with considerable BMW experience, who knows how and naturally having the essential special tools is a must.

We can assure you and in turn can show you all the relevant tools and documentation upon request as we do this particular and essential repair daily.

If you have any further questions please see us in person. We wish you all the best from Techmax


How to prepare your BMW automobile for our Canadian winter.

European import cars’ cooling system service.

Manufacturer Endorsed Tires

The season for tire change is fast approaching as spring comes closing up.  The winter tires will need to be removed and summer or alternatively all season tires needs to be installed.

This may mean for some of us new tires needs to be purchased and fitted for the season.

BMW run fllat tire

Run Flat Tire

Choosing the right tire for the car is one of the most important purchase you will ever make. There is a new phenomenon which is manufacturer endorsed tires, this is a relatively new thing and mostly European manufacturers started doing it.

The question remains, could you or should you use manufacturer endorsed tires only on your BMW or Mercedes? The short answer is no, the manufacturer endorsed tires are a safe bet if you want to follow their guide lines but logic says it is physically impossible to test every single tire on every model on every make, so for the very reason I recommend to consult a licensed experienced technician with decades of tire know how to select the best tire for your fine automobile.

You should never base your tire purchase on price or impulse only.  Be cautious with large chains whom only have a wasted interest to move their stock tires and operate at volume sales at very thin margins.

The rule of thumb as always, you get what you pay for.  Same goes for advice, online information also should be treated with caution since most people rating tires are by no means experts on the field of tire evaluation.

We hope this will help to have a more informed choice.  Please visit  or call us for further details. Telephone: 905.795.0419.

We wish you all the best at Techmax Auto.


The advantage and disadvantage of run-flat tires

Our brand name tires comparison

The right brake components for your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche

The importance of choosing the right brake pads and rotors for your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche. This is one of the most important purchase other than tires you will ever make on your fine car.

The average consumer knows little about brake pad materials or friction coefficient of the brake pads and perhaps even less about the brake rotors, brake discs. The safest bet is original brake components, but are there better choices?

Yes there are in most cases, made by very respected brake component manufacturers whom has decades of know how and engineering expertise in this field.

For instance Brembo is one of them when the big well known luxury or performance car manufacturers need a high end braking system they approach Brembo.

Brembo brake for MiniBrembo is number one they also equip over 90 percent of the F1 cars and cars involved in most Motorsports.

The only other competitor to Brembo is Akebono, whom is the sole braking system supplier to McLaren F1 and McLaren road cars. Naturally we use both respective manufacturers on our clients cars, if they are looking to improve their cars braking performance.

Both braking system manufacturer has a vehicle specific friction coefficient application which has a more ceramic composition and produce 80 percent less brake dust, so you don’t have to clean your pretty alloy wheels so often.

Please be advised! There some inferior braking products sold  over the Internet which has been imported from dubious sources and may cause permanent damage to your and others health by having asbestos in them, which is a well known fact it is a carcinogen.

Asbestos poisoning is a serious issue, which could effect your or your loved ones health, since when you apply the brakes, the brake pad material will wear off the brake pad and will float in the air which could cause lung cancer. Asbestos is a carcinogen and has been banned in the west except in third world countries.

This is a serious matter, please protect your and others health by using reputable friction materials from known accredited manufacturers.

We highly encourage everyone to choose the best available components for their fine automobile, your and others life depends on it.

We wish you all the best and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you and have a safe trip.

Brembo Brake SystemIf you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419.

High end performance brake sets for import cars.

Brembo Brake System for Mini Cooper

Long Wheelbase BMW X1

BMW built a modified, long wheelbase BMW X1, specially designed for China. They presented it at the Beijing Motor Show 2016. This version of the new BMW X1 offers a particularly high standard of spaciousness in the rear.

Munich Airport, departure level April of 2016.
Audi R8 V10 and BMW i8. Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo.

Other exciting BMW’s at the motor show: the BMW Concept Compact Sedan (that represents the approach to life of a generation of youth in China) , the BMW M2, M4 GTS, BMW X4 M40i, the all-new BMW 7 Series M760Li xDrive and many more.

BMW at The Beijing Motor Show 2016

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Our longest running BMW

Welcome to  a 1997 BMW 328i which amassed the nearly Six-hundred thousand kilometres under the hood.

Our preventative maintenance on a no nonsense regular maintenance approach, and here is the results.

1997 - 328i BMW BMW 328i year 1997 odometer with almost half million km in

This BMW run more than half a million kilometres, without any engine repair what so ever, and its ran perfectly. You can draw your own conclusions.

Happy motoring from Techmax.ca.

BMW Transmission Maintenance

Some BMW owner want to make sure their car is in top working condition and they change the transmission fluid often.

Changing the transmission fluid more often is entirely their decision. A properly preformed transmission oil change will not damage the transmission.  Most problems occur due to improper refill procedures, incorrect transmission fluids, and or non OEM parts or with transmission that already have drive ability problem.

Use of Genuine OEM parts and fluids is strongly recommended for best result.

Your BMW transmission is created by the German ZF Friedrichshafen AG engineering company. Read their BMW transmission maintenance recommendation at next...

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Dual Clutch Transmission


Our Latest High Tech Toll is Corghi ARTIGLIO MASTER Tire Machine.

ARTIGLIO MASTER marks a new frontier in the world of tire changers because it eliminates the lever, physical effort, and the precaution and worry about damaging expensive wheels and tires.

The unit’s operation is based on a completely new principle, including electronic wheel diameter selection with automatic tool positioning, wheel lifter for loading and unloading the wheel and automatic tool head for lever less mounting / demounting.

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FUCHS German Synthetic Motor Oils For German Import Cars

FUCHS on Mercedes

The above sentence, FUCHS German Synthetic Motor Oils For German Import Cars not really true. Fuchs motor oils not just for German import cars. They would be perfect for any car. However it is fact, all German cars first motor oil fill by the manufacturers is    FUCHS Synthetic Motor Oil.

What is or who is FUCHS?

FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH, founded in 1931 as a family firm in Mannheim, Germany, is a group member of the globally operating FUCHS PETROLUB AG, and the world’s leading supplier of lubricants among the independent companies.

FUCHS is the biggest independent lubricant company, and the 9-th biggest of all lubricant companies.

They produce all kind of lubricants, I do not want to get into that. Instead I will keep talking about FUCHS engine oils.

FUCHS produce  many different kind of premium motor oil with new XTL-technology in path-breaking viscosity class and globally unique Zinc-free Additive Technology, for today’s cars and today’s high performance cars with gasoline and diesel engines.

Those premium oils are specially designed for sportive driving and maximum power output. They are extreme fuel-economy characteristics. One of their characteristic is  the excellent cold starting behavior and excellent hot temperature protection. Just what we need here in Canada…

FUCHS TITAN GT-1 Synthetic motor oils Specially developed for BMW, VW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles with exhaust after treatment and turbocharger.

The FUCHS TITAN GT-1 Premium Motor Oil is for modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with or without extended service intervals. Good cold starting, lower oil consumption and minimized exhaust emissions.

For more information please view the next video. If you click on the next link, your browser will open a new window. The video will load into that window from FUCHS website View FUCHS Technology’s Video or Continue reeding about FUCHS TITAN GT-1 Premium Motor Oil

The importance of Oil Changes

importance of oil change

The change the oil in your as it recommended in your car user manual is very important. Apparently not all of the car owners believe it…

The above pictures  from a BMW X3 engines. The owner of the car tried to save money on oil changes. I don’t think he made a good deal, because  no he needs engine change, or he can buy an other car. To view bigger photos visit our on-line photo album. You will find there more  European Impart Car Lubrication related photos at next…

FUCHS TITAN GT-1 Premium Motor Oil
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BMW Approval for TOTAL Motor Oil
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Original BMW Batteries BOSCH Batteries

Original or High Performance BOSCH S5,  BOSCH S6 Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche.

Original or high performance Bosch batteries are available for your European import car. Original BMW Battery installed with warranty,  or BOSCH battery (the choice is yours).

BOSCH warranty include  60-month pro-rated warranty with a free replacement within 3 years from date of purchase. Some condition apply.

Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind because BOSCH batteries comes with North America wide roadside assistance, and with toll free 1.800 phone number.

Read more at next…. Original or High Performance BOSCH Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche!

battery tester print out

Before you replace your European import car battery, book an appointment for your car’s electrical system testing.

To prevent breakdown and keep you on the road safely, we use Midtronincs GR8-1200 Electrical System Tester – Analyzer to check, test your automobile electrical system.

As you can see at left, the tester prints out the test result.

Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing short form is DSP provides the ability to analyze the amplitude level and frequency of the ripple pattern for improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes.

Midtronincs GR8 tests the starter current draw and Alternator current output, include DMM Function for Advanced Diagnostics

AC/DC Volts, Volts/Amps mode, Temperature, Ohm meter, AC/DC Amps, Scope mode, Diode test Patented Conductance Cable Drop Test.

Interactive test routines using dual cable sets for more effective analysis of voltage drop across ground circuit, starter system, alternator system, and generic system testing.

Midtronincs electrical sytem analizer in work

Midtronincs GR8-1200 in Work

Original or High Performance BOSCH Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche!

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BMW Performance That You Can Hear

The original factory made BMW performance silencer system does not just give your car a distinctive powerful sound, it also measurably improves throttle response.

High throughput reduces back pressure, so that exhaust gases are channeled away from the engine faster, enabling it to function more  efficiently.

BMW PerformanceTe results are clear to see and above all,clearer to hear. Even at low revs, the rich, deep engine note clearly hints at the reserves of power available. As hard you put your right food down, as hard will your pulse rate leap upwards.

The outer sign if this inner qualities can be found at the rear of the car, in shape of the tween tailpipes in chrome plated stainless steel.

The tween stainless steel tailpipes stripped down look gives the vehicle even more high tech appeal, and the powerful engine sound confirms the available power.

And as with all original factory made BMW performance products, the use of the latest CAD and FEA technology combined with strict internal quality assurance processes, ensures long component life.

The original factory made BMW Performance silencer system is available in two versions.

One for four cylinder gas engines and one for four cylinder gas  and diesel engines.

Both versions were designed to optimize the performance characteristics of the engine layout in question.

MagnaFlow Performance exhaust system  or MagnaFlow Racing exhaust system for your BMW

Magnaflow performance exhaust system

New Magnaflow exhaust system on BMW M3 Coupe

On the above photo you can see a BMW M3 with improved breathing true Magnaflow performance exhaust system.  The sound alone is worth the price, not to say the improved performance and lighter weight. Click on the next link to listen the sound of the Magnaflow performance exhaust. Play the file in your standard application

Visit our on-line photo album to see Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System on BMW, BMW M3 and on Mini Cooper. Also you can listen the sound and view the video from the photo album.

Contact us for more: Telephone: 905.795.0419

BMW Performance Accessories

The best technology offers not only excellent performance, but also outstanding easy of use. And that is  exactly what the interior components in the BMW Performance rage do. They are functional and ergonomic. They make operating even the most sophisticated solutions simply itself.

BMW Perfromace SeatBMW Performance Accessories  turn the interior of your BMW into a command post, that is tailored to your personal requirements.  Climb in and take control.

Climb in, and you’ll find that the BMW Performance sport seat fits you like a second skin. Its highly distinctive shape was inspired by the monocoque construction technique used in racing cars, and it combines outstanding lateral support when cornering at speed with a high level of comfort on long journeys. Upholstered in black Alcantara, and featuring a built-in side airbag, it is also adjustable between two height settings. On the head part, the BMW Performance lettering is a proud statement of its racing origins.

The BMW Performance sport steering wheel I likewise breaks new ground. Completely upholstered in Alcantara with white cross-stitching, the curvature is flattened at the lower edge. However, its most eye-catching feature is the display built into the top of the rim. Incorporating one organic and two conventional LEDs, it gives drivers access to a variety of efficiency and motor-sport related functions. These are operated via buttons conveniently located in the thumb-rest areas. A choice of three modes is available – ECO, Sport and Race.

In all three modes, the LEDs can be used to inform drivers of the optimum shift point. In ECO mode, they can also help facilitate a more economical driving style. Sport mode includes a stopwatch, a current fuel consumption display, and a g-meter showing and recording momentary acceleration.

BMW sport steering wheel

Race mode incorporates a lap timer with various split-time and memory functions. An optional lap trigger is available separately, which uses an infrared transmitter and receiver to measure lap times automatically and extremely accurately.

Race mode also allows a variety of acceleration times to be measured, such as the time taken to reach 100 km/h from a standing start or for the American quarter-mile sprint. Radiator temperature is shown in all three modes, as is the oil temperature in the case of petrol engines.

Alternatively, there is also the BMW Performance sport steering wheel II. This too is completely covered in Alcantara, ensuring optimum grip in any situation, and features a flattened lower section of the rim and white cross-stitched seams. It also has a leather Motor sport marking in the 12 o’clock position, in the signature BMW Performance Yellow color.

Ultimate performance is a question of getting even the smallest details absolutely right, and this philosophy is exemplified in the decorative components of the BMW Performance range. For example, the meticulously crafted interior trim strips in carbon combine a high-tech motor sport feel with an effortless sense of style.


BMW Tuning

Brembo Brake System

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